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Founder, Publisher

Since 2010, Lema has focused primarily on growing and developing DUNIA Magazine, a publication she founded that year.

DUNIA connects across cultures, delivering interviews, life stories and other impactful articles to readers both online and in print.

“Through my travels, I have experienced just how beautiful a place the world is. Most remarkably, I have come in contact with individuals of great character and tremendous wisdom, people from whom we can learn and be positively impacted if only we would listen to their stories and hear their voices,” says Lema.

The word ‘Dunia’ means ‘world’ in Swahili (www.duniamagazine.com/about). The magazine presents an exciting space where readers can primarily learn about those who live in different parts of the world and what makes them who they are.

The Editorial and marketing teams, columnists, contributors and readers of DUNIA Magazine have played a key role in the publication’s amazing growth, helping articles reach readers in different parts of the world.

DUNIA events are great for networking with individuals of different cultural backgrounds, and getting to know more about the countries they come from.



DUNIA Magazine